Your practical guide to learning photography in toronto. 

Expo­sure Ther­a­py teach­es prac­ti­cal, hands-on pho­tog­ra­phy work­shops in Toron­to, and our com­pre­hen­sive online guide to pho­tog­ra­phy is a free resource for self-starters from around the globe.

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Winter 2022 COVID-19 Update

Ontario has rein­tro­duced COVID-19 restric­tions. Since our Toron­to group pho­tog­ra­phy work­shops fea­ture small class sizes and take place out­doors, they will con­tin­ue as sched­uled. To reduce the risk of spread­ing COVID-19, all par­tic­i­pants should wear masks or face cov­er­ings when indoors, main­tain ade­quate phys­i­cal dis­tanc­ing when pos­si­ble, and wash hands before start­ing work­shops. Please reach out if you have any ques­tions or concerns.

Hero Headline 

Our hands-on workshops will teach you photography.

Features/Benefits 1 

Upgrade from automatic mode.

Leave auto mode in the dust. Our work­shops will teach you the skills to start shoot­ing in man­u­al mode in no time. 

Gain confidence to handle your camera.

Mod­ern cam­eras fea­ture many bells and whis­tles. We’ll teach you about the ones that mat­ter most, and how they’ll ben­e­fit your experience.

From theory to practice.

Each of our hands-on pho­tog­ra­phy work­shops con­sists of two parts. In the first, you’ll learn impor­tant pho­to­graph­ic con­cepts. And in the sec­ond, you’ll put those con­cepts into practice. 

Features/Benefits 2 

Take charge of your learning schedule.

Our work­shops let you immerse your­self in pho­tog­ra­phy over the week­end or choose a slow­er approach and learn pho­tog­ra­phy over sev­er­al weeks. 

Technical jargon is clearly explained.

From aper­ture to zoom. With our clear and sim­ple expla­na­tions of tech­ni­cal jar­gon, you’ll be speak­ing like a pho­tog­ra­ph­er in no time.

A knowledgeable and patient instructor.

You’ll learn pho­tog­ra­phy from a work­ing pro with a diverse back­ground and pas­sion for spread­ing the joy. And, since your learn­ing style is unique, we’re also pros at explain­ing con­cepts to a vari­ety of personalities.

Features/Benefits 3 

Questions are always encouraged.

You’ll learn pho­tog­ra­phy in a friend­ly and wel­com­ing envi­ron­ment. So go ahead, be curi­ous, and ask away. We love answer­ing ques­tions and always encour­age more.

Smallest classes.

Our work­shops are lim­it­ed to six stu­dents, which means more time is devot­ed to answer­ing your ques­tions and mak­ing sure you’re on the track to success.

All cameras welcome.

We’re brand-agnos­tic and pro­mote work­ing with what you have. Whether you’re shoot­ing with a Nikon, Canon, Sony, Pana­son­ic, Olym­pus, Pen­tax, Fuji­film, Leica, or some­thing else entire­ly, our pho­tog­ra­phy cours­es will help you squeeze the most out of your exist­ing equipment. 

Testimonials (Title)

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It was my first pho­tog­ra­phy course and first with Expo­sure Ther­a­py. It was a lot of fun…in a friend­ly, safe envi­ron­ment. Lots cov­ered and a lot of time is need­ed to put what I have learned into prac­tice. Thanks Paul.”

– Kat­ja B.

It was a great expe­ri­ence! I am even more excit­ed about the rest of the course and what I will take away from it! Thank you Paul”

– Hana R.

Paul was great. While my needs and expec­ta­tions may not have been what he was expect­ing, he quick­ly adapt­ed based on my ques­tions and pro­vid­ed me with the knowl­edge I was look­ing for and helped me select appro­pri­ate default set­tings for my cam­era. I would rec­om­mend him.”

– Nina Y.

Paul was a very knowl­edge­able teacher, he paced the class to our speed, did a great job ensur­ing that we all under­stood the con­tent, encour­aged a com­fort­able envi­ron­ment and encour­aged ques­tions. I liked how the first half was the­o­ry and the sec­ond half was out­side try­ing every­thing we had just learned. Great class and teacher. Thanks!”

– Mike S.

Paul was a fan­tas­tic teacher! He is pas­sion­ate in what he does and in teach­ing. He took the time to prop­er­ly explain every­thing and mak­ing sure every­one was on track before mov­ing onto the next les­son. HIGHLY rec­om­mend Paul as a teacher!!”

– Urszu­la S

Paul was very infor­ma­tive and could eas­i­ly explain the basics about a cam­era to the aver­age con­sumer. He made myself and my class­mates real­ly under­stand all the basic func­tions which gave us greater under­stand­ing of image results. I am real­ly look­ing for­ward to com­plet­ing the course today and shoot­ing more!”

– Amy M.

I enjoyed the class and feel I have a much bet­ter grasp on how my cam­era works.”

– Day­na M.

Paul was great! Very knowl­edge­able and helps you under­stand the tech­ni­cal jar­gon of pho­tog­ra­phy. Tru­ly enjoyed the class!”

– Jiang L.

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